Premises in Spain

Where we are

CIMNE – Terrassa

CIMNE offices in Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain) opened in 2001. The premises cover an area of 150m2 and house part of the department of Building Energy and Environment Group (BeeGroup).
Director: J. Cipriano

Campus de Terrassa UPC
Edifici GAIA (TR14)
C/ Rambla Sant Nebridi, 22
08222 Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain
+34 93 789 91 69

CIMNE – Castelldefels

CIMNE’s headquarters in the city of Castelldefels (Barcelona, Spain) were inaugurated on October 15th 2008. The facilities are located in the building CIMNE-C3 of the Mediterranean Technology Park of the UPC, and occupy 1,500m2 in a new building constructed in collaboration with the UPC. The premises are shared with the Technical School of Castelldefels.
Director: J. Mora

Campus del Baix Llobregat UPC
CIMNE Building C3
C/Esteve Terradas, 5
08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain
+34 93 413 41 86

CIMNE – Madrid

CIMNE – MADRID started its activities in September 2007 and in May 2008 CIMNE opened its premises located in the centre of the city (150m2). The main goal of CIMNE Madrid is to build a strong research team in Madrid and foster the links between CIMNE, the Central Government of Spain, the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and partner companies and research centres based in Madrid.
Director: F. Salazar

Paseo General Martínez Campos, 41, 9º
28010 Madrid, Spain
Tel. +34 91 319 13 59

CIMNE – Lleida

CIMNE’s premises in Lleida are located at the Eurotrading building, beside the Cappont Campus of the University of Lleida (UdL). The 130 m² office is surrounded with more than 30 companies from different sectors in the same building and the proximity to the University of Lleida gives CIMNE Lleida a strategic position.
Director: J. Cripiano

Eurotrading Building
Pere de Cabrera, 16, 2G
25002 Lleida
Tel: +34 873 991 354 / +34 873 991 737



Main premises at UPC

CIMNE’s main premises are located at the heart of the North Campus of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech.

The offices are situated at the C1 Building, adjacent to the Civil Engineering School of UPC and occupy some 1,000 m2 of modern office facilities and state of the art equipment with last generation computers linked via a fast intranet and a multicore cluster for parallel computing.

This space, created in 1987, hosts around 90 CIMNE researchers and the main administration offices.

Campus Nord UPC, C1 Building
C/ Gran Capità, S/N, 08034 Barcelona, Spain
+34 93 401 74 95

B0 Building

In September 2014 CIMNE started the construction of a new building of some 2,000 m2 in the North Campus of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech.

The new B0 building, that also hosts the Flumen Institute, was completed by the end of 2015. Several CIMNE researchers moved to the new facilities during the first months of 2016. This new building is equipped with modern experimental facilities for model scale testing of river dynamic and hydraulic problems and it also provides work areas for researchers at the graduate level (master, doctoral and postdocs) and for senior researchers from CIMNE and UPC · BarcelonaTech.

Campus Nord UPC, B0 Building
C/ Gran Capità, S/N, 08034 Barcelona, Spain
+34 93 401 09 50



CIMNE research staff includes (by December 2019) 21 Full Research Professors, 11 Associate Research Professors, 17 Assistant Research Professors, 13 Postdocs, 6 Staff Scientists, 33 PhD Students, 59 Research Engineers, 7 Visiting Researchers and 39 Administration Staff from 27 countries.


Governing Bodies

advisory council cimne

Governing council

Hon. Mr. Damià Calvet
Minister of Territory and Sustainability (Government of Catalonia)

Representing Catalan Government
Ms. María Matilde Villarroya
Director-General for Industry (Government of Catalonia)

Mr. Isidre Gavín
Secretary for Infrastructure and Mobility (Government of Catalonia)

Dr. Joan Gómez Pallarès
Director-General for Research (Government of Catalonia)

Dr. Eugenio Oñate
Full Professor (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Representing UPC · BarcelonaTech
Dr. Francesc Torres
Rector (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Dr. Gabriel Bugeda
Vice-rector for Scientific Policy (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Dr. Pedro Díez
Full Professor (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Representing UNESCO
Dr. Lluís Ramallo
President of the Spanish Commission of UNESCO

Executive council

Dr. Eugenio Oñate
Full Professor (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Mr. Xavier Baulies
Department of Territory and Sustainability (Government of Catalonia)

Dr. Jordi Berenguer
UPC · BarcelonaTech

Dr. Esteve Codina
UPC · BarcelonaTech

Ms. Cecilia Soriano

Dr. Antonio Gens
UPC · BarcelonaTech

Dr. Alejandro Josa
UPC · BarcelonaTech

Dr. Juan Miquel
UPC · BarcelonaTech

Dr. Juan Jesús Pérez
UPC · BarcelonaTech

Dr. Estanislau Roca
UPC · BarcelonaTech

Dr. Lluís Rovira
Institució Centres de Recerca de Catalunya

Ms. Ana Simon
ACCIÓ, Generalitat de Catalunya

Scientific Advisory Council

Scientific Advisory Council (Meeting SAC in November 8th, 2017)
From left to right – Sitting down: Dr.-Ing. D. Knörzer (former EC Officer in Aeronautics), Prof. D.R.J. Owen (†)(Swansea Univ., UK), Prof. J. Bonet (Univ. of Greenwich) and Prof. G. von Voigt (Leibniz Univ., Germany). Standing up: Prof. E. Oñate (CIMNE, Spain), Prof. M.Turró (Technical Univ. of Catalonia, Spain), Prof. B. Schrefler (Univ. of Padova, Italy), Prof. M. Kleiber (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland), Prof. H. A. Mang (Technische Universität Wien, Austria), Prof. Ekkehard Ramm (Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany), Prof. M. Papadrakakis (National Technical Univ. of Athens, Greece), Prof. M. Casteleiro (Univ. of La Coruña, Spain).

Dr. Roger Owen (†)
Swansea University, UK


Prof. Javier Bonet
University of Greenwich, UK

Prof. Manuel Casteleiro
Universidade da Coruña, Spain

Prof. Michael Kleiber
Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Knörzer
Former EC Officer

Prof. Bernd Kröplin (†)
University of Stuttgart, Germany

Prof. Rainald Löhner
George Mason University, USA

Prof. Herbert A. Mang
Technische Universität Wien, Austria

Prof. Xavier Oliver
Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

Prof. Manolis Papadrakakis
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Prof. Ekkehard Ramm
University of Stuttgart, Germany

Prof. Bernhard Schrefler
University of Padova, Italy

Prof. Mateu Turró
Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

Prof. Gabriele von Voigt
Leibniz University, Germany

Prof. Peter Wriggers
Leibniz University, Germany


Management Staff2
Administration Staff39
Research Staff68
      Full Research Professors21
      Associate Research Professors11
      Assistant Research Professors17
      Staff Scientists6
      Post Docs 13
Research Engineers59
Research Students41
      PhD Students33
      Master Students5
      Undergraduate Students3
TOTAL Staff209

Activities 2019

Postgraduate Studies4
Coffee Talks15
Research Reports0
Papers in Journals114
Spin-off Companies16
Aulas CIMNE32
Patents0 (5)
Contracts with Industry73 (139)
Competitive Projects26 (81)
National Projects15 (47)
EU and international Projects11 (34)